Unsworth People

Vibrant, diverse and highly motivated

Based at our London head office and Felixstowe port office, our vibrant, diverse and highly motivated UK team, have a wide range of abilities and expertise, empowered to work with our customers in the most effective ways. The personal development of existing employees and the attraction of new talent at all levels are critical corporate strategies.

One team. One mission

Unsworth people are consulted and participate in the development of corporate strategy, ensuring that their voice and the interests of their customers are always heard. Directors brief their colleagues at regular meetings on company performance and objectives, inviting feedback on proposed strategies.

Continuous development

Staff development programmes are built around each individual team member, starting at induction. Appraisal, progression planning, training plans and reviews are used to help individuals realise their potential. Mentoring and buddy schemes support new and junior staff through their earliest internal and external training.

Healthy & happy

Workplace wellbeing is a strategic component of our staff development programme. We support external schemes like ‘cycle to work’, while social committees host sports events and initiatives that improve the working environment, opening up outside space and enhancing the physical work space.

Attracting tomorrow’s team

Freight forwarding is a rewarding and exciting career, with opportunities at all levels, for all types of entrants. Forwarding is a service business, which means our product is defined by our people and is why we are determined to attract and retain the best talent through our school leaver apprenticeship programme and graduate training scheme.

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Some of our people


One of two brothers, leading the family-owned Unsworth, Charles is an innovative entrepreneur, who is passionate about service and raising the professionalism of the forwarding sector. An industry leader, Charles drives the strategic direction of Unsworth and, through his work with the forwarding trade association, BIFA, is advancing and transforming the whole sector.


A qualified commercial lawyer with an eye for operational delivery and customer care excellence for the last 15 years. Alin has a passion for streamlining operational logistics flows and building client loyalty and trust. He is an avid Caravan enthusiast and family man.


Stephanie leads on our HR Strategy, and is an expert in talent acquisition, training and development. Over the years’ with Unsworth, Stephanie has implemented innovative and award winning HR management practices and is passionate about steering Unsworth toward being the benchmark employer within our industry.


Antons leads our dedicated pharmaceutical logistics division, running a broad range of fully compliant services both into, out of, and within the UK. With a background in European and Global logistics, Antons and his team are hands-on, and able to offer Unsworth clients’ the most proactive and customer-centric solutions, regardless of market vertical.


A customer champion. Dedicated to making sure clients have the best possible experience from day one to one-hundred and beyond. With a background in Key Account Management and consultative logistics operations, James represents our customer voice and keeps Unsworth on a customer-centric path to success.


A chartered accountant and shipbroker, Richard leads Unsworth alongside brother Charles, with particular focus on finance, technology and human resources. Experienced in the application of analytics and data modelling, Richard has been instrumental in Unsworth’s adoption of leading-edge operating systems and supports the digitalisation that is transforming the freight sector, with ‘Big data’ and business intelligence tools that are transforming supply chain strategy.