Shipping car to Victoria

Shipping your car to Victoria?

At UGL we provide you the fastest transit times from the UK to Victoria, from only 42 days, port to port.

Our fast and reliable car shipping services includes all main ports in Australia:  Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin and Newcastle.

The key to our success in car shipping is the calibre of our people. We have been shipping cars to Australia over 40 years allowing our dedicated team to develop an extensive knowledge of the process of shipping a car to Australia.

We know that Australian paperwork and procedures can be very particular, exacting, and costly, but it can all be worthwhile. You can be sure that we will provide you with the best possible advice for the best price.

Need tips about car shipping to Australia? Discover some of the most frequent questions:

  1. What about Cars Built Prior to 1st January 1989?

The Australian Motor Vehicles Standards Act 1989 was amended on the 1st July 1992 with respect to older vehicles. Although an import approval is still required, no other criteria need be met i.e. the car would not have to be owned and used in the originating country for more than twelve calendar months.

Vehicles must have been built prior to 1st January 1989.

  1. What if my Car has Air Conditioning?

All vehicles with air conditioning will need to be degassed before shipping and a receipt provided as evidence. If the vehicle has HFC (R134a) gas it is possible to leave the gas in but a “Precharged Equipment Licence” will be required which will incur a licence fee of A$400.17.

  1. What Happens if I Import a Car Without Approval?

It is an offence to import a new or second-hand vehicle without approval. The penalties for this offence include a fine of up to A$13,200 in addition to having to re-export or scrap the vehicle. A complete vehicle cannot be imported for ‘breaking’ as ‘Parts’. Importation occurs when a vehicle is landed or brought within a port for the purpose of landing. Approval will not be given once a vehicle has arrived at an Australian port.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate and contact our helpful team.