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A freight rate is the cost of transporting cargo from one point to another.

     A freight rate depends on:

     – Type of cargo

     – Size of cargo

     – Distance to destination

     – Mode of transport

One of the earliest forms of freight transportation was by water and it has now developed into one of the most used transit modes for cargo around the world.

Unsworth Global Logistics has access to regular sailings with import and export services from over 1000 origins and destinations.

Our aim is to provide cost effective and affordable sea freight rates to our customers who want a convenient, economical solution for their shipments. See how affordable our sea freight rates are with our fast, online quote tool.

Cargocost is our industry leading online freight calculator that brings you instant quotations for LCL / FCL sea freight and airfreight at a click of a button. Covering both UK import and worldwide export movements, our quotations are all-inclusive with no hidden charges. We aim to bring full pricing transparency to the industry. Visit for quick and convenient freight quotations available 24/7.

Getting a quote is simple with Cargocost. Developed by freight forwarding specialists, our aim is to provide customers with an easy, hassle free way to obtain the most competitive rates with no hidden charges. All it takes are 3 steps to get your shipment on its way!

For any enquiry speak to one of the Unsworth team today  or call us on +44 (0)20 8539 8899.

Discover How to generate a freight quote & manage your shipments on Cargocost.

1) Quote

We only ask for the minimum information required to quote your shipment, saving you time and hassle. Simply enter details about your shipment, as well as its destination and origin, and click get an instant, all-inclusive quote. All quotations Cargocost provide detail:

  • Freight On Board (FOB) elements
  • Nationwide collection costs (exports)
  • Ocean freight charges
  • Any applicable surcharges
  • UK destination handling charges (imports)
  • Customs clearance fees (imports)
  • Vessel details
  • Transit times
  • Rates and Booking details
  • Door delivery (imports)

We present our customers with an all-in competitive quote: no hidden or late surcharges after you ship (Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) and Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) included).


2) Book

Cargocost is home to a seamless booking procedure. Turn your quote into a booking at the touch of a button using our online platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Repeat bookings are made easy with Cargocost as our system remembers information such as the consignee and notify party from previous shipments. This is made available for you to select again without tedious typing. Once the cargo is booked and confirmed, the rates remain valid for 30 days.

3) Ship

As a tool of Unsworth Global Logistics, Cargocost has access to a wide range of sea freight import and export services, as well as 41 years of experience and significant buying power. Providing global air and sea transportation operations, from origin to destination, warehousing, value-added services and distribution and we are recognised as one of the UK’s largest independent freight management companies.

Track you shipment with our consignment tracking system.

Sea Freight Export Services

Unsworth Global Logistics has access to a network of convenient nationwide receiving depots located in Birmingham, Bristol, Felixstowe, Hull, London and Manchester.

Export your cargo globally, with top destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, New Zealand and Australia. We ship from the UK to over 120 countries worldwide.

Whilst unregistered users only have the ability to make 5 online enquiries, as a registered user you’ll unlock a gateway of opportunity to manage your quotations and bookings. Not to mention, registered users benefit from our most competitive freight rates. Cargocost also allows multiple employees from the same company to register with us. We will link these users and make all company information accessible to all registered users within that company.

How can I keep a record of quotes and bookings?

On confirmation of your booking, all details are available for you to view and print within Cargocost. This means that you have immediate confirmation that an order is on the way. You can choose to email the booking details alone, or booking and charges details.

Various reports are available to you on the Cargocost website. These will include all details of shipments made by your company. Inclusive of all existing quotes, unconfirmed bookings, confirmed bookings and shipped bookings (import users)

Try Unsworth’s online shipping calculator today to receive instant quotation or contact a member of our team, who would be happy to deal with your enquiry.


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