Sea freight forwarding UK

Shipping via sea freight is one of the oldest standing forms of transporting goods around the world.

Do you know what is the most cost effective option to ship goods in or out of the UK?

Sea freight forwarding UK   

Even though air freight is typically favoured for time-sensitive shipments, sea freight is still the first choice for shippers who want a more cost effective option.

Shipping services were revolutionised by the introduction of containerisation after the Second World War. Containerisation dramatically decreased transport costs and supported a boom in international trade.

Historically, the shipping industry in the UK was typically associated with larger sea-freight companies.

Now sea freight is also a widely used option by SMEs and private individuals!


How can you benefit from our shipping services?

Whether you are shipping commercial goods, personal effects or vehicles, transporting your goods by sea freight can save you money.

Unsworth is a market leader, innovator and the ‘go to’ company for Full-Service Global Freight Management. Our shipping teams are quick to identify the lines of least resistance, helping you achieve improved speed to market whilst focusing on your driving overall business improvement.

Customers who book a sea freight shipment with Unsworth Global Logistics will have access to our expertise, cultivated over 42 years, and continued personnalised support from our dedicated Freight Forwarding Team.

Discover our associated services to shipments in details:

1. Import and export services for FCL and LCL shipping

Unsworth Global Logistics specialises in Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments, which are available for cargo that will not fit into a full container. Your goods are consolidated with other parties at the loading warehouse to create a full container.

We also provide fantastic rates on Full Container Loads (FCL) and access to our nationwide receiving depots: Birmingham, Bristol, Felixstowe, Hull, London and Manchester.

Shipping services from over 1000 origins and destinations:

We are able to provide solutions to all your shipping needs if any area you require is not shown or for all shipping services, email  or call +44 (0) 20 8988 8068

2. Industry specialised shipping services:

3. An instant, all-inclusive and online quotation free tool:

Our UK Freight Forwarding specialists have developped a free online quotation tool: for instant, all-inclusive and competitive quotes with no hidden or late surcharges after you ship.

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How to get the most out of sea freight?

Sea freight is the most cost effective method of transport when moving goods internationally and is especially efficient when your shipment is not time sensitive.

Make the most by:

Planning your shipments – 

As sea freight transit times are a lot longer than shipping via air, advance planning is essential. Take a look at our import and export sailing schedules or get a instant quotation with Cargocost.

Size-up your cargos –

In general, larger volumes mean lower delivery costs and this is especially true with sea freight. The greater the size of your cargo, the more economical your freight charges will be.  

Protecting your goods –

Correctly packaging your goods is very important. It means that your goods are sufficiently protected during transit, thus limiting damages and additional costs.


UK Customs Clearance 

UGL’s dedicated in-house team has vast experience dealing with UK customs services, helping to take the hassle out of imports

Cargo Insurance 

We offer some of the most attractive marine cargo rates in the industry, with very competitive rates to give you complete piece of mind

Additional Services

    A whole range of additional services are available to you,          during transit and after your shipment has reached the UK          

To request a quote or arrange a booking simply enter your details on our instant, all-inclusive and online quotation tool: Alternatively you can contact us for more information.


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