Compliant solutions you can depend on

Unsworth’s specialised supply chain solutions are designed to meet the compliance, product integrity and security needs of the global healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Solutions encompass the supply of raw materials into the manufacturing process to the international transportation and delivery of finished drugs, including the handling of specialised and climate controlled products.

Established pharmaceutical solutions

Unsworth services are tailored specifically to the needs of the healthcare sector and designed to comply with healthcare quality standards and regulations. We operate established quality management systems that meet the requirements of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and apply industry standards such as Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

Proven expertise

Arranging time and temperature controlled international transport requires extraordinary attention to detail, and often results in a unique solution tailored to each client’s needs. We identify and develop these bespoke solutions, using proven procedures and processes that are integrated in our global quality management system and described in standard operating procedures (SOPs), to protect the integrity of your pharmaceutical products in transit.

Transparent audit trails

We safeguard the integrity of your product with special handling and monitoring to maintain traceability of shipments and compliance with all legal regulations. This transparency is enhanced by our by 24/7 supply chain visibility tools.

The pharma solution

  • Security and safety throughout the supply chain
  • Dangerous goods capabilities
  • Speed to market and express solutions
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Global regulatory compliance
  • Information confidentiality
  • Robust temperature management
  • Speed to market and express solutions
  • Sensitive product handling

Supporting growth is cool

A core objective at Unsworth is to support and help our customers grow.

So when a pharmaceutical client wanted to expand their business across Europe, we helped them develop a GDP (Good distribution practice) compliant supply chain, which is necessary for wholesale distribution authorisation (WDA).
Careful auditing of current suppliers and processes uncovered inefficiencies, critical control points and risk controls needed. The new GDP compliant supply chain incorporates vehicles that monitor their load, with specially trained drivers, WDA licensed storage facilities with temperature-controlled rooms and freezers with temperature monitoring, as well as permanent information for the receipt, storage and despatch of each product.
Products are now monitored at all stages of the supply chain, with zero deviations.