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Simple and intuitive

Your control panel highlights any shipments that require your attention and alerts can be set up to keep you informed, when you’re out of the office. Which means you can resolve issues, before they become a problem, whatever the time and wherever you are.

Unsworth Pathway
Unsworth Pathway

Empty your inbox

Every Pathway solution reflects your SOP and the unique way you work.

By integrating your team, vendors and other supply chain participants in the secure Pathway environment, each one has visibility and control of the supply chain tasks relevant to them.

Real-time alerts and exception notification keep shipments on track and reduce the need to chase outstanding actions.

Communications and documents can be attached to each shipment’s record, providing an audit trail and keeping emails out of your inbox.


From the moment we receive your shipment, live updates of its progress are visible on your control dashboard, providing total transparency, visibility and control


Because we deliver up-to-date information directly to your devices, capture documentation and digitise processes, Pathway users send 90% less emails.


With all your shipping data visible there’s no need to chase for updates, leaving you free to monitor performance and identify opportunities to reduce costs.

Giving you control

A core Pathway objective is to provide shippers with direct access to the information that matters most, including everything from shipment status, forecasted availability dates and delivery times, to full KPI reviews and trends, so you can track progress and monitor performance.

Your personal dashboard provides a quick, simple and intuitive view of your total supply chain, and the ability to drill-down to get more detailed information on individual shipments. All the information that matters, available when you want it, updated in real-time. Transparency, control and insights at your fingertips.

You, and your team, can update live shipments, book new shipments, track arrivals, arrange Customs clearances and update delivery bookings, when you want, through your dashboard.

Pathway is designed to simplify international trade.

Unsworth Pathway

Real-time analysis

Available on all your devices, Pathway by Unsworth is your control panel; monitoring the performance of your supply chain and the status of every shipment. Live KPI’s let you track the performance of all your supply chain participants in real-time, with customisable reporting for indepth analysis.

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Valuable knowledge

Data provides no value if it doesn’t provide the insights needed to inform or guide future actions.
The KPI’s and analytics in Pathway are endlessly customisable, which means that we can set them to monitor, measure and benchmark the metrics which have the most profound impact on your supply chain, so that you can take the most effective decisions. Driving your future supply chain.