One of the youngest logistics directors in the UK, providing fresh direction in an industry plagued with legacy procedures, and opaque business practices. Sitting on the council at BIFA and chairing the policy group that steers Maritime Road and Rail direction in the UK, Charles is setting the pace for what logistics service providers look like in the future.


Tom joined the team in 2016. Tom keeps our Pathway team motivated and performing at the highest possible levels. A logistics manager with years’ of experience managing people and supply chains, Tom is the heart of our team, keeping us true to our values and reminding us that customer care is an attitude, not a department.

Miranda joined the team in 2012. Our people person. Miranda is passionate about recruitment and talent management. As a modern logistics company, we know that our people are our best asset, and Miranda is instrumental in creating the right environment for them to thrive and grow. Miranda is the wellbeing champion for our company, wether it’s ‘Yoga Wednesday’ or ‘Fruity Friday’.
James joined the team in 2016. A customer champion. Dedicated to making sure clients have the best possible experience from day one to one-hundred and beyond. With a background in Key Account Management and consultative logistics operations, James represents our customer voice and keeps Unsworth on a customer-centric path to success.
Paula joined the team in 2018. Having had experience working with top-tier customer care providers like Harrods, Paula delivers Unworth customers an absolutely best-in-class experience, and holds the company record for most glowing reviews in a week.
Piotr joined the team in 2016. The high-pressure environment of B2C fashion logistics, is notoriously difficult and challenging. Piotr knows the true value of customer-centricity and solves complex problems through a tenacious and questioning approach.

The Unsworth Team

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In addition to developing Unsworth’s digital portfolio, the Pathway team is also responsible for onboarding of new clients; briefing operations teams, drafting SOP’s and introducing them to Unsworth’s unique technology.
This unique mix of responsibilities means the Pathway time is constantly reassessing digital capability against each new client’s situation, which means that our solutions constantly reflect the most current market needs.

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Shipping has changed forever. Take control of your supply chain, on all your devices, across your entire team, whatever the time and wherever you are. Pathway has enabled our customers to effortlessly control the movement of their goods across the globe as though they had in-house expertise.