Pathway is the revolutionary new freight management platform from Unsworth.
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The next iteration of cloud-based freight management.

Setting out to modernise our entire customer experience from the ground up was no small task. Innovation is built into our DNA, and while most people within Unsworth today don’t remember when faxes revolutionised global communication, there’s an understanding that the institution we represent has always led the way.

We recognise that the challenges we face today are actually not too far removed from the challenges our predecessors faced in 1974. The global supply chains we manage for our clients are as nuanced and complex today as they were then, but what has changed is the technology we use, and the way we understand the power of data.

Unparalleled real-time supply chain visibility.

Pathway provides detailed and complete analysis of your cargo in motion, empowering your team to react in real-time to challenges as they occur.
Integrated supply chain partners and vendors.

Achieving universal truth in your supply chain is the goal of any modern business. By bringing together all of your stakeholders into one platform, Pathway achieves just that.
Technology and expertise, online and in person.

Unburden your inbox and get everyone on the same page with real-time communication across your entire network, supported by our freight experts.
Don't accept less than end-to-end control and visibility from your freight partners.

Discover the benefits of Pathway, bringing all of your supply chain partners together though vertical integration, to provide a single universal truth for your supply chain.