Passive Packaging Solutions

Mitigate the risk of temperature excursion in the critical control points

UGL packaging solutions include a range of qualified thermo-regulated passive packaging that consist of a combination of insulated material and temperature stabilising media.

These are manufactured systems that are typically insulated with polystyrene, polyurethane or vacuum insulated panels and act as a barrier to separate a product from its environment.

Unsworth’s passive packaging options have been pre-qualified to hold a particular temperature for a certain amount of payload capacity for a specified period of time: 24, 72 or 96 hours, or even more.

We create the environment based on the manufacturer’s exact specifications using gel packs or other types of phase change materials in order to maintain the desired temperature.

Note: No electrical or mechanical systems as cooling engines are used to cool the surrounding air on the temperature sensitive products.

pharma logistics

Please send us your pharma enquiries with the temperature requirements to or call us on +44 (0)2085398899.

Our passive packaging solutions are:


  • We can dispatch to several destinations. They can be shipped anywhere.
  • Once assembled for shipping can be sealed and sent without the need for power supply and typically without temperature aware handling.
  • They can travel through a wide range of carriers and integrators. The thermal performance occurs irrespective of the handling or external environment so re-routing and flexible supply chains can be accommodated.
  • The passive systems can be scaled from single vials to multi-pallet.


The passive solutions can provide a very economical solution and also certain configurations can be re-used.


 passive packaging

Is passive packaging the right solution for you?

There are three areas which will help you decide. We have prepared 3 checklists for you.

1. Temperature

a. Which temperature range do you require?
b. What temperature would be the consignment exposed during transit?
2. Product volume
a. How much space is needed
3. Transit time
a. Is this a domestic or international destination?