Active Packaging Solutions

Active Temperature Controlled Solutions

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As the name suggests, active packaging systems are able to maintain the required temperature parameters of pharmaceutical shipments more independently than others.

UGL’s active packaging systems can control the temperature of pharmaceuticals and withstand dramatic fluctuations in external temperatures using a variety of methods. Some may have a heating and/or cooling system built in, or may work using dry ice as a coolant and system to push cool air into the payload area to maintain a specific set temperature.

Our active containers are proven to work effectively within specific temperature parameters – ranging from -20°C to +30°C.

If during transit the temperature begins to fall outside the range, batteries are replenished or the system may have an added feature that enables it to be plugged in during a delay to maintain operation. As a result, our active packaging solutions guarantee that there will not be any temperature excursion.

Please send us your pharma enquiries with the temperature requirements to  or call us on +44 (0)2085398899.

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Our active packaging solutions include:

  • Hold tighter temperatures
  • No warehousing needed since unit is typically leased
  • Highly secure
  • Quick loading/unloading – less labour intensive
  • Environmentally friendly – no need to dispose of non-biodegradable packing materials 
  • Cost effective when payload is maximized – ideal for large bulk shipments

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Is active packaging the right solution for you?

There are three areas which will help you decide. We have prepared 3 checklists for you.

1. Temperature

a. Which temperature range do you require?
b. What temperature would be the consignment exposed during transit?


2. Product volume
a. How much space is needed


3. Transit time
a. Is this a domestic or international destination?