With Pathway there is no need to ask, you Just Know. An online platform available on all your devices, Pathway contains all the information, communication and documentation associated with each movement. Live KPIs let you track the performance of all your supply chain participants in real-time, with customisable reporting for in-depth analysis.

Total visibility

From the moment we collect or receive your goods they are visible on Pathway, all the way through to final delivery. You can view, on desktop, tablet or smartphone, inventory, location and status in real-time.

All together

Documentation is attached to each shipment in Pathway and you can communicate through the platform to keep a sequential record of events as the shipment progresses. From booking your shipments to arranging the deliveries, you can control it all in Pathway.

Your Pathway

Pathway is simple to use and intuitive. Your control panel highlights any shipments that require your attention and alerts can be set up to keep you informed when you are out of the office, which means you can resolve issues, before they become a problem, wherever you are.

Why Pathway?

  • Complete control over the booking to receipt process
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility and collaboration
  • Real-time exception alerts
  • Personalised control panel
  • Bespoke reporting
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Discover the power of Pathway

Shipping has changed forever. Take control of your supply chain, on all your devices, across your entire team, whatever the time and wherever you are.

Pathway has enabled our customers to effortlessly control the movement of their goods across the globe as though they had in-house expertise.


Delivering efficiencies for one of Europe’s largest NDCs

This major US customer had a complex supply chain from China directly into their UK NDC and were experiencing delays, bottlenecks and congestion at numerous points, with significant handling problems at the automated NDC – one of the largest and busiest in Europe.

The Pathway team analysed all the chokepoints and identified critical improvement areas at various points, with particular focus on: local transport solutions in China; documentation and compliance management at UK port; demand driven delivery booking; port-centric handling and cross-docking; carbon emission reductions; labour cost reduction; and rapid NDC processing.
With Pathway monitoring the end-to-end supply chain, the client has full visibility of KPI’s, and the performance of supply chain partners. Which means they can measure and quantify the impact at each stage.