We simplify international trade by streamlining and providing transparency of the door-to-door logistics process, with our control panel portal and award-winning customer care. By giving you up-to-date information directly, when you need it, there’s no need to chase. No more calls, no more emails, because you already know.

Extended visibility

Much more than simple track & trace, the Unsworth One-Click system has been developed by our in-house technology experts, the Pathway team, who are on a mission to empty (at least a bit) your inbox. After all, who wants to face a mountain of emails every morning, or worse be left in the lurch without the information you need, when you need it most. Your supply chain does not stop, which is why your information should be free flowing.

Fingertip control

Every one of your Unsworth shipments has its own One-Click control panel, which you can access at any time to view its progress and status, through our web portal, or by clicking the unique link in emails from your Unsworth team. You can use the same control panel to upload and view essential documentation, and you can share the link with colleagues and supply chain participants to do the same.

Simple tools for simplified trade

Your One-Click is a complete digital tool, for the new digital shipping world. A tool that provides up to date insights irrespective of office hours or time differences. A tool that you control and decide who can access. A repository for your shipment documents, One-Click also stores and archives all your other shipment documents, which means you can review all shipping data and documents in the same place.
  • Automate manual process to eradicate errors and reduce cost
  • Avoid extra charges with instant notification of exceptions and service issues
  • Leverage evidence to negotiate reductions with service providers based on performance
  • Single source to track status of PO’s and store related documents