National Export System Document

Export documentation is required by all countries to satisfy the requirements of Customs in the importing country or, depending on the payment method, by the overseas bank. Ultimately you will not be able to export without the right paperwork; incorrect paperwork can prove costly both in time, money and resource.

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What is the document for?

The National Export System (NES) is a computer-based system enabling export declarations to be made electronically rather than manually. An export is classified as the movement of commercial goods from the UK to a destination outside the European Union (EU). The NES therefore only applies to goods destined for countries outside the EU.

The National Export System (NES) Form is used to obtain the necessary information needed to complete a NES customs clearance on your behalf.

You can find a PDF version of the NES Document on the Unsworth site.

Who will need it?

NES is mandatory for exporters. If you are an exporter then you must use the NES to declare your exports to countries outside the EU. This form is required to be completed by shipper, signed and stamped.

How this document will help with the shipping process?

As an AEO approved operator, UGL has compiled this mandatory form with information refined to complete the NES export declaration.

We have a range of both import and export documents on our site. For more information on Export documentation or the Export process, please visit or contact the Export Department.


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