Marine Insurance


Are you fully covered?

Whenever goods move, they are subject to risk and their value may be partially or totally lost due to a whole range of reasons.

Always remember that the moment your cargo is placed aboard a vessel you have an interest in the whole venture – commonly known as General Average.

It is possible that your goods may be less prone to loss or damage than others, but you still run the risk of a ship sinking, a plane crashing, or some other catastrophic event.

“A ship sinks every single day” according to maritime statistics

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In addition, you are vulnerable to General Average losses. A recent study concluded that a shipper will be involved in a General Average incident once every eight years. This could potentially lead to a business-ending situation without a cargo insurance policy.

Ship your goods with extra peace of mind 

At Unsworth, we are proud of our record for handling all types of cargo professionally and carefully. However, there are always times when you need extra peace of mind, which is where our Marine Policy can benefit your company.

Try our comprehensive Marine Insurance Cover worldwide for all services and all types of cargo.

For as little as 7% – that is equal to 70p per £100.00 cargo value – you could avoid the unexpected.

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