LCL shipment from Mumbai


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Unsworth Global Logistics (UGL) specialises in Less than Container Load services or LCL consolidation. Also known as part load or groupage we offer reliable, direct consolidation services from Mumbai, India to Felixstowe, UK in just 22 days, port to port.

Mumbai to the UK

LCL shipment from Mumbai


    LCL Sea freight from Mumbai to the UK

     – Transit time: direct in 22 days 

     – Up to 7 free days from unpack to collect cargo

     – Low cost shipping 

     – Reduced Terminal Handling Charges  

India is a constantly growing economic force. Its location on the Asian subcontinent positions it at a crossroads of international trade between the Middle East and Europe to the west and leading Asian economies to the east.

Mumbai, formerly named Bombay, is the most frequented port in India. Its location in the west of china allows goods manufactured in India to be easily exported. As the business capital of India, 6.16% of the countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated in Mumbai.

As one of the only co-loaders with direct console from the Indian subcontinent, we can offer our customers low rates and the fastest vessels to reduce transit time with weekly sailings. Our managed booking system enables customers to stay updated from the beginning of the shipping process to the very end. Our FOB customers benefit from the lowest UK Terminal Handling Charges (THC) charges and Documentation charges.

With a dedicated warehouse in Felixstowe, unpacking cargo exclusively for Unsworth we are able to carefully handle your valued cargoes methodically documenting and photographing the devanning process where necessary. We aim to devan and unpack within 24 of arrival, striving to produce the very fastest releases (normally completed within an hour of devan). Customers have up to 7 free days from devan date to collect cargo.

Out import customers and service supporters include: manufacturers, wholesalers, distributers, all types of retailers and general traders, both large and some quite small organisations as well as a large number of experienced co-loader and wholesale freight forwarder customers who use our service for the benefit of their clients. There are many advantages of our groupage services, some have greater value or significance to particular sectors but overall include:

  • Lower cost shipping with consolidation, customers only pay for the proportional volume and weight their shipment occupies in the container.
  • Reduced transportation costs both in India and in the UK
  • Dedicated warehouses available in Mumbai to act as staging area for tailored exclusive multi-supplier consolidation
  • Specially tailored and dedicated consolidation service options available to suit your budget and your needs according to your volumes
  • Special rates available for heavier shipments. 
  • As the Master Loader we are able to prevent or reduce secondary charges for customers who book directly with us
  • Truly Neutral consolidation services for our wholesale co-loader and forwarder customers
  • As long standing members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) we are bound by their internationally recognised Standard Trading terms and conditions (STC’s) and this provides additional security and comfort for all customers.
  • Special low rates available for BIFA members with attractive regular volumes
  • Being long established members of World Cargo Alliance (WCA) provides a further indication of our financial strength and reliability. Also special low rates for fellow WCA members with regular volumes and requirements.
  • Regular shipment status updates via our online tracking software about the progress of your shipment
  • Reliable Weekly Sailings and Scheduled Consolidation
  • seamless transportation chain from the supplier’s door to your facilities or even your point of sale.
  • In addition to Mumbai we also offer services from a constantly expanding range of import origins throughout Far East and China 
  • Regular cost comparisons with current service providers ensures customers receive the best value with transparent and highly competitive rates

If you would to further discuss the advantages of our groupage services, please contact a member of our team at +44 (0) 20 8988 8068  or email 

Our added value services in the UK


UK Customs Clearance 

UGL’s dedicated in-house team has vast experience dealing with UK customs services, helping to take the hassle out of imports

Cargo Insurance 

We offer some of the most attractive marine cargo rates in the industry, with very competitive rates to give you complete piece of mind

Additional Services

A whole range of additional services are available to you, during transit and after your shipment has reached the UK

To request a quote or arrange a booking simply enter your details on our instant, all-inclusive quotation tool, Cargocost. Alternatively you can visit our website or contact us for more information.

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