Simplifying our client’s working life

We believe that technology is most powerful when it makes our client’s working life simpler, which is why all our systems are designed to be endlessly adaptable to your situation and flexible to share information with your systems, whatever they may be.

Removing the burden

We recognise the responsibility our client’s have in controlling their business’ shipping, managing supply chains and controlling inventory. By integrating with their systems, we can simplify communication, automate functions and remove complexity, so that we can lower their administrative burden and empty their inbox, because they will Just Know.

Unsworth Integration
Unsworth Integration

Our links are manifold

Our goal is always the same: Identify the data to be shared, in either direction and create a seamless integration. We can integrate with legacy systems, SAP and other stock control or order management platforms. Our enterprise solution supports these seamless vertical integrations for frictionless data exchange.

The lighter load

The type of data we exchange is wide open. It can be straightforward milestone updates like departure and arrival dates, or system-to-system notifications. Or we can be more inventive. Like using our drivers GPS to transmit locations, accurate ETA’s and even geo-fencing to notify warehouse managers when the vehicle is a pre-set time away. These notifications can be email, or via XML messaging or even SMS, because warehouse managers are rarely at their desks.