Global shipping cover

We are all familiar with reducing risk by using insurance in our daily lives, for things like holiday, car and contents. Which makes it all the more shocking to know that the majority of importers are not protecting their consignments in transit and exporters are jeopardising their client relationships, while facing the potential of massive losses.

What’s your risk?

Estimates of uninsured cargo vary globally between 60% and an astonishing 90% of shipments. Confusion over responsibility is the primary reason for this oversight. Some shippers assume that their business insurance covers the shipment, others assume their buyer, or seller are insuring the cargo and some think that the carrier or forwarder’s carry the risk. Mostly the risk is with them.

What goes wrong?

Unsworth have spent 45 years fine-tuning the methods and processes for the safe transport of our customers’ cargo but inevitably, despite our best efforts, vessels may hit heavy weather, aircraft handlers may lose cargo or a road trailer may be in an accident. The liability of carriers and forwarders is always limited monetarily and, in some cases, excluded absolutely.

Your protection

Unsworth trade under our industry terms and conditions which limit our liability and, while we will always recommend cargo insurance, it means that we can only effect it when requested. The Unsworth global ‘All Risks’ policy is a very cost-effective and comprehensive way to cover the full value of your shipments, by any mode, for physical loss and damage from door-to-door, even if we are not arranging transport.