Bespoke freight, supply chain and logistics

Foodstuff supply chains are highly regulated and very demanding, which is why Unsworth provide full support with Customs, taxes and compliance, including port health authorities and other regulatory bodies. Unsworth manage the supply chains of many leading brands and are particularly experienced in planning and managing international transport and logistics for ambient and temperature-sensitive food products.

Solutions for every need

From temperature controlled international door-to-door transport, warehousing and distribution to value added services and supply chain visibility, Unsworth deliver reliable and flexible supply chain solutions for all types of foodstuffs. Our experts provide full support with Excise duty management, Customs regulations, and compliance with port health authorities.

Cool under pressure

Through strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), we maintain all products at their optimum temperature from pick-up to the point of final delivery. This includes protecting the environment and keeping costs down, by monitoring the environmental temperature, to ensure that refrigeration is only active when necessary.

Dedicated facilities

Our food storage facilities are secure and modern, with quality racking solutions that are regularly audited to BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards. The Unsworth Felixstowe logistics centre is strategically located to minimise costs, offering a range of port-centric logistics solutions.

Cutting costs, not corners

This client’s national distribution centre (NDC) handles 40,000 loads p.a. The NDC incorporates cutting-edge automation including the automated handling of pallets.

Unsworth manage the inbound supply chain for a product line originating in China. Maximising container utilisation meant that the product was loaded in loose cartons and not configured for manual handling. The client’s NDC was taking eight hours to unload, tying up resource and creating a choke point.
Palletising at origin was not financially viable, so Unsworth took responsibility for devanning containers at our port facility and cross-docking for direct delivery in 36 different pallet specifications. By transferring the labour intensive processes to Unsworth, the client has saved 8,000 man hours p.a. and because the client’s NDC can process the now-palletised loads simply, it can cope with peaks in demand and requires no off-site buffer stock. The overall cost saving exceeded £150k.