Do you want to expand your business into the Australian market?

Key facts

Do you want to expand your business into the Australian market?

  • Australia has experienced 22 years of uninterrupted economic growth and economic growth is projected to continue at around 3% at least
  • Over 1,000 British businesses operate in Australia every day and UK exports have grown by 79% since 2007
  • More British expats live in Australia than in any other country in the world: 1.2 million permanent residents, 500,000 visitors

Australia is the fifth largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region, and the 14th largest economy in the world. With strong connections to the Americas, opportunities for international business are constantly expanding as global trade networks continue to develop. A highly advanced economy with strong future prospects, Australia is also among the world’s most free economies, easiest countries in which to conduct business and highly ranked on the UN’s Human Development Index. In addition to their role as regional economic and political key players, Australia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations with significant cultural links to the UK. Trade and people movements between the UK and both countries are strong, and their business and legal frameworks are highly similar.

Why expand your business into Australia?

Australia is fast becoming a key market for both British and European exporters to broaden their consumer reach and create their own footprint in the country. There has been continued success of recent of large UK companies providing their product to the Australian market by taking advantage of partnerships with a 3PL provider, who can manage and distribute as local stock. This allows Australian consumers to have access to British brands without having to wait a number of days for delivery from the UK, making a considerable difference in their buying decision.

How can Unsworth UK help?

Unsworth UK is purpose built to do business on a global basis. As such we are a multi-cultural brand with offices and complete logistics services throughout the World. Whilst our European headquarters is deeply rooted in the UK, our group consists of over 120 offices in more than 60 countries across the globe. With partners throughout Australia (Hobart, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide) we are able to monitor and control your shipment from the UK to its destination, allowing our customers to implement the best supply chain solution.

Unsworth UK also provides access to our own team of supply chain specialists with experience in the Australian market. Integrated directly into our own in-house systems, information and documentation created and collated by our offices is made available online, in real-time. 

We operate ocean consolidations to over 40 countries worldwide. Through long established and respected carrier relationships we possess significant buying power, which puts us at the forefront across the industry. This enables us to provide our customers with leading global transport solutions covering air, sea and land. These include both full and part loads at industry leading prices. Our airfreight team handles your urgent shipments with care, whether consolidation or direct airline. With an established presence in Australia and years of shipping experience, we are able to offer consultancy services for those who need it.

Our Strengths:

  • Established for over 40 years means access to world class resources, services, knowledge and technologies
  • Proactive Nationwide Sales Team to convert leads and professionally follow-up your cargo, ensuring your own sales team is fed with reciprocal sales leads.
  • Instant Response to Enquiries
  • Financially Strong and members of World Cargo Alliance (WCA)
  • Long standing members of BIFA
  • AEO Accreditation ensures your cargo is securely handled and results in speedier handling of cargo through the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs procedures
  • Online Instant Quotation platform:

Key services offered by Unsworth UK:

Unsworth UK takes care of the entire process from warehouse to destination, providing customers with a hassle free shipping experience. With reliable and secure sailings, our customers benefit from offices and representatives throughout the world to monitor and control your freight. Unsworth customers have access to a network of convenient receiving depots located in Birmingham, Bristol, Felixstowe, Hull, Southampton, London and Manchester. We also hold full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.

Unsworth UK facilitates a weekly, direct sailing service to all main ports in Australia. We provide services to Sydney, Melbourne, Freemantle, Brisbane and Adelaide. Transit times vary according to destination but range from 39 days to 43 days, port to port.

Our experienced and dedicated staff can assist customers with destination charges and import licenses. We can also provide our customers with door delivery. Removal services for personal and household effects, and special project services are available.

Australia were the pioneers of wood/timber heat treatment programme and as such, Unsworth UK can offer guidance with the strict quarantine laws that are enforced upon entry to the country.

If you want to export automobiles into Australia, our dedicated automotive department can provide assistance with the entire process. Visit our specialist site for more information.

Cargo insurance

Unfortunately your shipments are not insured automatically with full face value of your cargo unless you arrange separate Marine Insurance for each shipment. Here at Unsworth we highly recommend you protect your cargo in case of any damage during transit or handling, which is why we offer Marine Insurance to all our customers.

Click here for more information on our competitive cargo insurance rates.

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