Customs Clearance Southampton

With over 41 years of experience in customs clearance we have built partnerships with agents worldwide and direct computer links to our internal HM Revenue & Customs CHIEF system. Our dedicated team provides customs clearance services at most of the UK ports and airports.

Looking for Customs Clearance at Southampton?

Unsworth UK provide you with comprehensive customs clearance services at Southampton.

Southampton is after Felixstowe the second largest and busiest port of the Great Britain. Annually the port handles approximately 2 million TEU’s. The largest container vessels access the port every year thanks to its sophisticated Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and the unique “double-tide” at Southampton.

Not to mention the excellent location of the port – 80 miles from London and 140 miles from Birmingham- which provides the port of Southampton a great transport access to all Britain’s South locations.

Whether you want to import or export, Unsworth specialised customs clearance team will assist you through all procedures for a hassle free customs clearance process at Southampton.

Customs Clearance Southampton: ImportsCustoms Clearance Southampton

  • Documents recovery and delivering to and from shipping lines
  • Customs clearance and the process
  • Tax payments
  • Collection and delivery

Customs Clearance Southampton: Exports

  • Collection and delivery
  • Bill of Lading documentation
  • Customs clearance and the process

Get in touch with our specialised customs clearance team for customs clearance services at Southampton or any other ports, call at +44 (0)20 8539 8899 or email on

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