Customs clearance from China

Simplify your customs clearance from ChinaCustoms clearance from China

Trade in China is rapidly growing, with many companies in the UK importing from the country for the first time. Unsworth UK have a highly experienced and dedicated team who are able to assist you with any customs related issues you may have, helping to take the hassle out of importing your goods from China.

Any items from China intending to enter the UK must go through customs. This is to ensure you pay customs duty, VAT or Excise duty on goods imported from outside of the European Union before you can receive them. Depending on local legislation and regulations, the import of certain goods may be restricted access to the country. Find out more about our Customs Clearance Services

customs clearance from china

Want to learn more about Customs Clearance? Give a look to our Frequent Asked Questions about Customs Clearance.

Customs Clearance ChinaUnsworth can provide assistance in all aspects of customs clearance from China. Over 42 years in the logistics business has allowed our company to develop an in-depth knowledge of all procedures, legislation, licensing and tariffs needed to import your goods into the UK. Our services are prompt, professional and reliable.

We make certain all customs paperwork and documentation is accurate at all times. After this, we will hand your shipment information over to the relevant customs authority and coordinate with them to get your goods delivered to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A collection of our commonly used import & export customs forms can be found on our Documents page.

Customs Clearance Glossary of Terms
Customs Clearance tools

Customs Clearance Glossary of Terms  

We have created a Customs Clearance glossary of  terms aiming to help you have a better understanding of  the customs clearance processes


Customs Clearance Useful Tools

To help you with the Customs Clearance process we have gathered, for you, all the needed documents and some customs clearance tools 

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