Customs Clearance at Felixstowe

After 41 years of experience in Customs clearance our expert team is well placed to provide you some customs clearance services at Felixstowe. Unsworth have built partnerships with agents all around the world and direct customer links to our Internal HM Revenue and Customs CHIEF system.

Looking for Customs Clearance assistance at Felixstowe?

Felixstowe is, with 42% of Britain’s containerised trade, the biggest container port of the UK. Using 30 shipping lines, Felixstowe can provide almost 90 services from and to 400 ports worldwide. Thanks to its size, Felixstowe could welcome, in 2015, the largest ship of the world (1,312 ft long) transporting 19,000 containers coming from China.

You maybe do not need such a ship, however whether you want to import or export, the Unsworth UK Customs Clearance team will assist you during the whole process for an unhindered customs clearance at Felixstowe.

Customs Clearance Felixstowe: ImportsCustoms Clearance Felixstowe

  • Documents recovery and delivering to and from shipping lines
  • Customs clearance and the process
  • Tax payments
  • Collection and delivery

Customs Clearance Felixstowe: Exports

  • Collection and delivery
  • Bill of Lading documentation
  • Customs clearance and the process

For all our customs clearance services at Felixstowe or at any other port, get in touch with our specialised customs clearance team at +44(0)20 8539 8899 or email on

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