Intervention at our arrival warehouse provides our customers with the ability to adjust inbound stock to match real-time demand rather than relying on forecasts at origin. The result is reduced supply chain costs and improved customer service.

Go direct

Our cross-dock solutions consolidate the nominated products and deliver direct to customer, avoiding the costs and time delays associated with primary DC’s.

Effective cross-docking operations depend on excellent resources, communications and experience.

Winning ways

The Unsworth team delivers award-winning cross-docking solutions for importers of all sizes, from SME’s to some of the world’s biggest brands.

We have immense experience, expertise and technology focused on designing and delivering the cross-docking solutions that will optimise your supply chain.

Cross Docking Case Study

To maximise container utilisation this client’s product is loaded in loose cartons, which their receiving staff were taking eight hours to unload, tying up resource and creating a choke point in the warehouse, that affected its efficient operation.

Palletising at origin was not financially viable, so Unsworth took responsibility for devanning containers at our port facility and cross-docking for direct delivery in 36 different pallet specifications. By transferring the labour intensive processes to Unsworth, the client has saved 8,000 man hours p.a. because the client’s warehouse can process the now palletised loads swiftly.