Consolidation and shipping of the entire broadcasting equipment for a Television and Radio corporation with studios in Zanzibar and Pemba – everything ranging from speakers and cameras to tables and wall insulation.


Our client is a UK company contracted to equip the brand TV new studios from scratch. They were purchasing equipment from all over the UK and delivering to our warehouse in Ipswich.

Our project team consolidated all cargo in our facilities, packed into crates and then onto custom-built pallet bases, loaded to container and shipped to Zanzibar and Pemba.

Due to the oddly shaped and non-stackable cargo – not to mention some hazardous aerosols – fitting all cargo in a single container became a challenge.

We also had to ensure that the equipment to Pemba could be easily separated and urgently shipped further as soon as the container got discharged in Zanzibar.

Using extensive knowledge of consolidation and optimisation of container space, our project team packed the goods onto 3 custom-build pallet bases, 2 for Zanzibar and 1 for Pemba.

The main challenge, however, was to preserve the sensitive and fragile equipment (electronics, computers, cameras, speakers, microphones, etc.) from water and salt damage throughout the long journey.




Our specialist project team came up with an ingenious solution to overcome that challenge: hermetically sealing the pallets in a waterproof protective foil.

This project was carried out as per the agreed schedule and with no recorded damages. The installation of the broadcasting equipment was a complete success and customer was very satisfied with the professional manner in which Unsworth UK completed this project as evidenced in the references provided.