Case Study: Event Logistics

Shipping Singing in the Rain musical props

Unsworth UK recently handled a time sensitive project in which we shipped Singing in the Rain musical props to Japan in a week, just in time for their November show.

As our client favoured an option with a fast dedicated transit, Air freight was the agreed upon method of transport for this particular project. The Air freight shipment contained props, decorations and costumes for the theatre production of Singing in the Rain. To make it possible to move the goods via plane, Unsworth had to suitably pack them within the closing time window.

As it would take a week to assemble the stage and with the theatre production moving on a strict schedule, the goods needed to be moved as swiftly and efficiently as possible to their destination. The knowledge and experience we have in this sector put us at an advantage to provide our client with the service they wanted, at a budget that suited them.

Unsworth’s personnel were also able to help the client by issuing an ATA Carnet, a document issued by the chamber of commerce that allows shipping of temporarily imported cargo without paying duties and taxes, on behalf of the shipper.

The challenge for this project was to arrange packing and issue the ATA Carnet within the strict time limit, in order for the items to be available for the November performance of Singing in the Rain in Tokyo.

Due to:

  • Efficient packing
  • Specialist preparation of the cargo before shipment
  • Communication with the warehouse

The shipment arrived safely at destination within the set budget and the given time requirement.

The project was carried out without difficulties, successfully fulfilling both the shipper’s and consignee’s expectations, and we are pleased to announce the tour was a huge success. The Unsworth team enjoyed the concept of shipping theatre effects as it was dissimilar to previous projects and presented its own unique challenges.

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