Shipping 6 cars in 1 container

In October 2014, Unsworth UK specialist automotive service shipped 6 Caterham cars (5 rolling chassis, 1 car body) and 2 pallets of spare parts to Florida.

To overcome the challenge of successfully loading the cargo into a single 40 ft container, within the short three hour timeframe, we custom fabricated disposable wooden car racking to enable us to achieve this 6 car load. Due to the value of the unit, we constantly had a tight shipping budget per unit to achieve.

We did this by developing a bespoke shipping method unique to Unsworth UK, which consisted of positioning the cars into two tiers. By placing a wooden bar across the container floor with a ramp for each front wheel, we were able to slightly raise the front of the car. The back wheels were then fully lifted and supported by a metal frame with two timber planks either side, meaning that another car could be positioned underneath. This innovative method saved valuable time and space, ensuring the smooth loading of the cargo. 

Working together with the loading warehouse and Caterham cars, our efficient preparation allowed us to have the container ready to ship in just under a week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Collect all 6 cars + two pallets of spare parts


Preparation of cargo and dry run


Loading of cargo


Cut-off for vessel


As time was not of the essence in this instance we offered the customer a choice between 2 services:

  • direct vessel to Port Everglades
  • with transhipment via Cartagena (longer transit time and less expensive)

The project was successfully delivered on budget and on time. Something we hope to implement in the future is the use of racking to make the process smoother for both loading and off loading. Watch a video demonstrating our racking service.

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