Caravan shipping to Dunedin

Planning to ship a caravan to Dunedin?

Unsworth UK provides caravan shipping to Dunedin paying direct attention to Safety, Security and Reliability. With our bespoke caravan shipping services we guarantee that they will always suit your requirements.

We provide direct weekly sailings to Dunedin with a transit time of just 42 days, port to port.

Although our specialised team ensures that the shipment of your caravan is hassle-free, we highly recommend you to:

  1. Make sure the caravan/s have less than a quarter of fuel in the tank
  2. Make sure the battery is disconnected (if not, our warehouse staff are trained to do so)
  3. Make sure all potentially hazardous products have been removed: 

      Fire extinguishers, Food and Gas bottles

  1. Make sure to clean the caravan/s inside and out, paying close attention to awnings and wheel arches. (We offer exterior washing as an optional extra)
  2. Let us know if you want to ship any personal items that you intend to store inside the caravan.
  3. Remove and package any electrical items (these can be stored inside)
  4. Take up marine insurance to ensure your investment is protected. We take high quality photographs of your caravan upon arrival to our depot and when loading, so you can ensure the condition of your vehicle has remained the same at loading and arrival at destination.

Following the tips above should help to ensure clean sailing throughout the process.

Contact us on +44 (0) 20 8539 8899 or email to discuss your shipping needs.