Car to Perth

Safe vehicles reduce road trauma and Australia’s vehicle fleet is among the safest in the world. This is why exporting a car to Perth can be quite complex, with many rules and regulations. It also involves a great deal of paperwork. As our automotive department specialise in privately imported and exported vehicles, we know how to get optimal results from both a price perspective and a service outcome.               

Export your car to Perth from the UK in only 43 days port to port

We ship weekly to all main Australian ports including Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle, Brisbane and Adelaide. Unsworth UK make it easy, offering a wide range of services including steam cleaning, pick up and delivery, Customs clearance, AQIS, and port authorities. Find out more about Unsworth’s ever-expanding automotive services!

Australian car imports – rules and regulations

When shipping cars to Perth, you must first ensure your car can be legally imported beforehand. Australian Customs heavily regulates the importation of vehicles. Each vehicle imported must have an Import Approval Permit completed and approved by the DoTARs government Agency. A quick overview of the taxes and duties payable to the Australian Customs service as follows:

Vehicle Type Duty GST
Vehicles over 30 years old, and Motorcycles 0% 10%
New and used Vehicles up to 30 years old 5% 10%
Four Wheel Drive Off Road / Commercial Vehicles 5% 10%

Who Can Import a Vehicle?

The first requirement is that you’re an Australian permanent resident or plan to be. For example if you’re in the UK and moving to Australia, they will not give you final import approval until you’re in Australia and have the immigration stamp in your passport. The following restrictions apply for Personal Import Approval:

  • One car per person.
  • You must have long term residency.
  • The vehicle must have been owned and used in the overseas country for a minimum period of 12 consecutive months immediately before arrival in Australia.
  • The application must be made within 6 months of arrival in Australia.

What Happens if I Import a Car Without Approval?

It is an offence to import a vehicle without prior approval. Penalties can include a fine up to A$13,200 and you will be required to either re-export or scrap the vehicle.

What about Temporary Imports?

Your car must be covered by a Carnet de Passages and not sold in Australia. The vehicle will then be re-exported back its originating country within 12 months.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about exporting a car to Perth, feel free to get in contact with a member of our friendly team.