Amazon FBA

The Unsworth Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service helps new and experienced Amazon sellers make more money and grow their business. Our dedicated FBA team manage your inbound orders by air or sea freight, from your supplier’s factory, right the way through to ensuring that your product complies with Amazon’s strict fulfilment guidelines.

Trusted partner

Building our trusted partner status over many years means that Amazon know our deliveries are compliant, which means your product is available for sale on Amazon in the shortest possible time, increasing your chances of owning the “Buy Box”.

Growing your business

Our support begins at source, liaising with your suppliers, making sure your orders are on time and resolving any issues. Because we can manage your entire supply chain, from factory to Amazon, you are free to focus on growing your business.

Amazon Fulfilment

We start with easy to understand quotations for our reliable and regular air and sea services from China to the UK, arranging everything from the factory through to Amazon.

By working closely with you and your suppliers we ensure complete compliance with Amazon’s specifications, so that your products are received and made available for sale in the shortest possible time.

Keeping on-line growth in-line

This Chinese customer was typical of many overseas eCommerce sellers who are unaware of EU VAT regulations and are often selling unlawfully.

In addition to setting up a bespoke Amazon FBA compliant supply chain, we educated the client on VAT operation, registering them in the UK and guiding them through the returns process. To store additional inventory in France we supported them through TVA (French consumption tax) registration and compliance and are currently assisting them with expansion into Germany..