7 tips for better DDU quotes

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  1. Check which is the closest port/airport from delivery address
  2. When choosing a carrier consider all charges (such as destination charges), not just only freight
  3. For airfreight to avoid ETA on Fridays and Saturdays as customs and hauliers close over the weekend. Therefore, cargo will have storage charges after free time
  4. Consider free time offered by co-loader/carrier. Short free time might generate storage charges not included in the price given to customer
  5. Check with the shipper if the consignee has any special requirements for delivery; tail lift, time delivery…
  6. Send pre-alerts at least 7 days before ETA (2 days fro airfreight) to help the clearance team at destination arrange everything on time
  7. Make sure you have a knowledgeable agent at destination, who is aware of all you requirements and can support you during the whole process