Unsworth set Forwarder benchmark

December 18, 2019 3:36 pm

Industry magazine, Forwarder, followed up the recent appointment of Richard Hogg as Unsworth’s managing director, with a review of his plans to simplify shipping and empower the shipper with leading-edge technology tools.

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The feature – “ON A MISSION TO SIMPLIFY SHIPPING” – in the last issue of Forwarder looks at Unsworth’s customer commitment and how the business is deploying technology specifically to make their customer’s working lives easier.

The digital business tools, that are designed to position Unsworth ‘as a forwarder first, and a technology expert second’ are featured, including the digital rate platform, ‘Cargocost’, ‘One-Click’ tracking dashboard and the leading-edge supply chain management system ‘Pathway’.

Pathway is an ultra-secure cloud-based solution that deploys the latest technologies, with future-proofed capability to incorporate advances in geo-fencing, GPS and Blockchain.

An online platform available across all devices, Pathway contains all the information, communication and documentation associated with every movement. Live KPIs let shippers track the performance of their supply chain participants in real-time, with customisable reporting and Business Intelligence tools for in-depth analysis.

You can download the full article HERE

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