It’s all about us!

October 25, 2019 11:27 am

It’s great to see Unsworth featured so much in our trade’s press recently, but we’ve been so busy with Brexit briefings and product launches that we’ve been more than a bit remiss in sharing the exciting developments that have been reported.

The appointment of Richard Hogg, the second generation of our family-owned business, to lead Unsworth has been the catalyst for the press interest. It has been fascinating to see the different features that have captured editors interest.

Richard’s background, in KPMG and as a chartered account and shipbroker, intrigued some, while most journalists focused on Richard’s technological developments and new product launches, including Unsworth’s latest online rate platform

Technology is transforming shipping, so Richard’s belief that too much attention has been given to the tech and the ‘disruptors’, rather than the value either actually provided to shippers, got a lot of attention too.

This piece in The Loadstar focuses on Richard’s commitment to use technology to simplify shipping and empower the shipper.

While this in-depth piece in Lloyds Loading List explores Richard’s ambitions for Unsworth more broadly and is a particularly good read.

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