Richard Hogg steps up to lead Unsworth

September 30, 2019 1:31 pm

“It is the qualities that we have as a family business, that has given us the edge and the ability to adapt quickly when we needed to, over the last 45 years. I believe that those same qualities will make all the difference as I take the helm in today’s uber-competitive digital world.” Richard Hogg, Managing Director.

Established  in 1974 and majority owned by Geoff and Kathy Hogg from 1977, Unsworth has grown consistently, and is today one of the UK’s largest privately held forwarders.

Digitalisation is bringing a new swathe of innovation and disruption to the forwarding industry and it is into this challenging landscape that Unsworth announce the appointment of Richard Hogg as managing director, to spearhead the business’ evolution and growth for the decades ahead.


Graduating from Durham University with a BSc in Physics, Richard joined the global professional services network, KPMG, where he qualified as a chartered accountant, and was responsible for the application of analytics and data modelling for Bluechip clients, a forerunner of supply chain modelling.

For the last nine years with Unsworth, Richard, also a chartered shipbroker, has been working alongside his brother Charles, with particular focus on Unsworth’s finance, technology and human resources, leading Unsworth’s adoption of leading-edge operating systems and response to the digitalisation that is transforming the freight sector.

Among his first tasks, as managing director, Richard is overseeing the relaunch of Unsworth’s ground-breaking digital rate platform Cargocost, and a suite of digital tools that will position Unsworth as a forwarder first, and a technology expert second. ‘The digital face of forwarding’.

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