Book your freight online in seconds

September 17, 2019 11:01 am

Unsworth launched its Cargocost rating portal in 2009, the first of its kind in the freight industry. Today, 10 years on, Unsworth have reinvented Cargocost as part of their digital evolution in order to simplify international trade for their clients.

The original Cargocost calculated air and sea freight prices for Unsworth’s import and export services that were confirmed online.

Today, shockingly, some shippers still have to wait an average of 57 hours for forwarders to respond with a rate.

In contrast, the latest version of Cargocost, builds on decades of experience, with a shipment pricing and booking process that takes less than 60 seconds.

With more origins and locations than ever before, you can get real-time prices for imports and exports to over 170 global locations, with delivery and collection to every UK postcode.

With complete transparency, Cargocost provides all-in pricing that is broken down for easy understanding and no surprises, with a choice of services, ETD and ETA, so you can select and book the service that suits you best.

Registering for Cargocost provides easy access to Unsworth’s award-winning services, customer care and technology, with leading-edge visibility tools Pathway and One-Click.

With Cargocost you can get an instant quote and book your shipment, retrieve consignor and consignee details, review past shipments and access loyalty incentives.

Finally, shipping in and out of the UK is as simple as it should be. Try it now at

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