Government no-deal planning

August 21, 2019 8:27 am

Leaked Government documents predict delays, shortages, and price rises in the event of a no-deal Brexit, while HMRC no-deal planning is all about expediting movement through Ro/Ro ports to avoid such a scenario.

It is ironic that the leaked Government documents detailing Brexit preparations, code-named Operation Yellowhammer, predicting delays, shortages, and price rises in the event of a no-deal Brexit makes the front pages, while the released D1ND no-deal planning which is all about expediting movement through Ro/Ro ports to avoid such a scenario isn’t mentioned.

Unsworth is committed to helping our customers – and all shippers – make vital preparations for Brexit, ensuring that they are prepared for leaving the EU, especially in the event of “No Deal”.

150k+ businesses still remain inprepared for Brexit

To this end, we are attending many meetings with BIFA and HMRC to understand their preparedness plans so we can share important information.

HMRC have prepared a number of processes and easements that would only come into force if the UK were to leave the EU without any deal or Withdrawal Agreement.

The new scheme Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) at RoRo locations is designed as an ‘Easement’ of traffic for Day 1.

Follow this link to review your Brexit Risk Profile and protect your business from no-deal

Traders with an EORI can register to use TSP to delay the lodging of full ‘Standard’ goods declarations at RoRo locations until at least 5th May 2020.

HMRC have announced that all VAT-registered firms in the UK – which had not already signed up – would receive an EORI number within the next two weeks.

A positive action, but the fact remains that 150k+ businesses still remain inprepared for Brexit.

TSP will not be applicable to goods which are imported from outside the EU and are subject to a Customs Special Procedure.

There are TSP ‘Standard’ and ‘Controlled’ Goods processes. We can provide further information.

Over the coming days and weeks, we are expecting Government to ramp up communications to businesses in the UK, either directly or via Trade Associations to inform them of actions they should take to prepare to leave the EU without a deal on 31 October.

We will monitor and share important guidance. In the meantime:
1. You’ll need an EORI number that starts with GB to move goods in or out of the UK if there’s no Brexit deal.
2. Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) defer VAT/Duty payments and simplify Custom declarations and imports through ro/ro ports. Talk to us today if you want to learn more and help with registration.
3. Check the guidance the Government has published about the changes that will affect them.
4. Stay up to date with important new information by signing up to HMRC’s EU Exit alert service.
Engage with their business representative organisations

The Government’s Border Delivery Group presentation, HMG Day 1 No Deal (D1ND) RoRo Business Requirements, consolidates all current planning into a single document and has just been made public. You can download a copy HERE

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