Unsworth – The new face of forwarding since 1974

November 30, 2018 9:36 am

In 2018 we are taking our biggest step forward, unveiling ground-breaking new technology that provides new levels of supply chain transparency and control. With rates, status and service levels just a mouse-click away.

While the future is exciting, we are eager to stay true to our roots, as an independent, family-owned, business, that is defined by the relationships we hold with customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers. 

The strengths we hold begin at our foundation, and the continuation of our founders vision, which is celebrated with our rebranding, as Unsworth. 

At the heart of this rebrand is our core focus on customers and our commitment to building partnerships.

We believe that when true partnerships are established the full potential of our processes, technology and people is unleashed, which leads to stronger outcomes for everyone. 

The new Unsworth brand is a celebration of our history and a modern interpretation of our core strengths, communicating harmony, unity and partnerships.

From our earliest days, when we invested in ground-breaking aviation technology, to today’s digital tools, Unsworth have been embracing new ideas and consistently evolving to continue improving the solutions we deliver.

From a single mouse-click to track the status of your shipment, request a quote or rate our service, to an app that alerts you if a delivery is running late, we have a clear vision for the future, in adapting our business, training our people and integrating emerging technology to support our clients better than ever. 

A clear vision for the future that has been defined by customers and colleagues, in a process that underlined our strengths and clarified our position as the new face of forwarding.

Our new branding harmonises all our service offerings under a single identity, creating a unified vision of who we are and what we do.


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