WEBINAR: Protect your business from Brexit

November 16, 2018 1:05 pm

This unique webinar reviews the fluid Brexit landscape, considers likely scenarios and provides guidelines on how to prepare your business for the most likely outcomes, so that you can continue trading.

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit shows no sign of ending, which is bad news for all those businesses that have been hoping to get a clear policy steer before they begin their Brexit preparations.

The fact is, that on the evidence of the last two years, such a clear direction is not coming anytime soon. Which means that it is up to you to prepare the contingency plans that will protect your legal compliance, cashflow and supply chains, whatever form Brexit finally takes.

WEBINAR: Protect your business from Brexit

Preparation protects your trading relationships and positions you to benefit if your competitors have not prepared themselves as effectively.

What you will take away:

 – Situation and likely scenarios

 – Brexit impact on your operations

 – How the government is preparing

 – Your Brexit action plan

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